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There’s been a bit of speculation—will they or won’t they. If you read Counterpoint,  you know the answer:   I turned to the mantle and pretended to look at the family pictures on display there—anything to take the attention off the topic at hand. Everyone who formed my world was accounted for in small, silver […]

The line to go through security is long. Surrounded by people, I work my way through it alone, mentally replaying the last time I walked these steps. Just when my fatalism overwhelms me—when I start to think maybe everything is the same now as it was ten years ago—a TSA agent reminds me I need […]

This is the dress from chapter twenty of Fall to Ruin One Day.

Well…uh…yeah. It’s mostly done. I was sick for two weeks, and now my son seems to have caught it as well. For most people, this wouldn’t be a huge deal but for him, it is. He has an auto-immune deficiency in which his blood lacks the antibodies that fight respiratory and gastro infections. Because of […]

Well…it’s from a Pretenders’ song called “Back on the Chain Gang”. the powers that be that force us to live like we do bring me to my knees when I see what they’ve done to you but I’ll die as I stand here today knowing that deep in my heart they’ll fall to ruin one […]

fun with jumpy rob

I have way too much with photoshop. Anyway, this is what I’m doing between writing, and I take requests. Feel free to link to here for these or any of my graphics.

happy thanksgiving

from my family to yours… May your holiday be filled with love, laughter, and happiness. (And may your flask never be empty)

thank you

Fall to Ruin One Day and Darkrooms and Safe Light were nominated for Rare Gem Awards. Thank you so much for thinking of me. If you’d like to vote for your favorite stories, you may do so here.

Medicated Paper? WTF?

Behold, Charmin’s great-great-great grandfather.

It’s dusk, and it’s been overcast all day. The sun never actually came out, so to say that it’s setting feels deceitful. But to the west, the sky has cleared a bit, and the tall buildings are safe in the embrace of pink clouds and periwinkle sky. The east is dark, except for a handful […]