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I think we’ve established Bella’s very responsible. The thing is, stuff like this happens. To responsible people. To smart people. And it happens all the time. Show me a person who’s never made a heat-of-the-moment mistake, and I’ll show you someone who’s either lying or hasn’t really lived. Having problems believing Bella could get caught […]

I know. It’s coming in the next update. I felt (once the chapter was completed) that including the next two scenes distracted from the rest of Chapter 36, all of which is important to what’s about to go down. You won’t have to wait long for the next update. It’s going up on December 20th. […]

About the New Chapter…

I began writing Chapter Thirty-One of Fall to Ruin One Day on November 7, 2010. Though details changed during this time, but the main events remained the same. It’s loosely based on something I lived. The night of my twenty-fifth birthday, a stupid fight with my longterm boyfriend escalated in such a way that I […]

What’s missing?

With the exception of pieces you know are coming (the Guide to Losing a Player wedding night comes to mind) what moments do you wish I’d written that I haven’t? Be honest, and feel free to answer as much as you’d like. (There’s a point to this; I promise.)

Just clearing up some confusion regarding Fall to Ruin One Day. Yes, Edward knew he had a half-brother. He mentions it for the first time in Chapter Eight and again in Chapter Twenty. Alice does not know—she isn’t even aware of her father’s infidelities. Edward also is aware Izzy’s relationship with Carlisle was once sexual, […]

Broken hand is broken.

It started when I finished Some Little Girls, and Josh ran out for champagne. I was tipsy, and a song I did in a dance recital as a kid came on my iPod. “I remember the steps. Not only that, I can still do them!” So I did. “See, honey? Twenty years later, I’m none […]

Emergency Beta Service interviewed me this week. You can read (if you feel like it) here.

They’re WHAT!?!?

Yes. Yes, they are. Even better, a few very astute readers saw it coming. The clues were all there. That Edward has a half-brother is mentioned for the first time in Chapter Eight: He tells me about prep-school, his four years at Harvard, and how determined he was to attend a law school that would […]

Stephenie Meyer claims Twilight started as a dream. Her dreams must make a bit more sense than mine do. Mine would never make a decent novel, though they wouldn’t be bad prompts for crack fic. Case in point: Last night I dreamt Josh was President (laughable, considering he’s not old enough) and I became the […]