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So many readers are appalled by Carlisle’s comment in the last chapter. In the context of wine tasting, it isn’t the blatant affront it seems to be. Most wine aficionados spit when tasting to avoid getting drunk, therefore retaining his or her palate longer. That Izzy swallows is somewhat unusual, and in that context, bears […]

Just clearing up some confusion regarding Fall to Ruin One Day. Yes, Edward knew he had a half-brother. He mentions it for the first time in Chapter Eight and again in Chapter Twenty. Alice does not know—she isn’t even aware of her father’s infidelities. Edward also is aware Izzy’s relationship with Carlisle was once sexual, […]

They’re WHAT!?!?

Yes. Yes, they are. Even better, a few very astute readers saw it coming. The clues were all there. That Edward has a half-brother is mentioned for the first time in Chapter Eight: He tells me about prep-school, his four years at Harvard, and how determined he was to attend a law school that would […]

Well…it’s from a Pretenders’ song called “Back on the Chain Gang”. the powers that be that force us to live like we do bring me to my knees when I see what they’ve done to you but I’ll die as I stand here today knowing that deep in my heart they’ll fall to ruin one […]

My husband is reading Darkrooms and Safe Light. This isn’t completely out of character for him. He’s read Art After 5 and half of Counterpoint, but he doesn’t typically read as I write, nor does he usually hound me for updates then offer to leave me alone so I can finish a chapter. I asked […]

About the End…

I went back and forth on if I should include a translation of the Latin at the end. I decided not to, because I didn’t want to write a long-winded end note, but also because it was already included in an earlier chapter: Though I’m still having difficulty believing he’s gone, I believe without question […]

Monday Musings

I’m naturally introspective. I think, usually too often and too much, analyzing everything. This is especially true of milestones and anniversaries, and the process of writing the end of Counterpoint has been no different. In many ways, Counterpoint is the greatest gift my involvement in fic has given me. It started as a simple writing […]

I want to apologize to readers who read Chapter 45 when it was first posted. I’m not sure what happened in Microsoft Word when I accepted the changes suggested by my beta, but almost none of them were reflected in the document. It erased them, but then didn’t actually make them. Anyway, I’ve gone back […]

When I was a recent college graduate, I took a job with a major cell phone carrier. After 9/11, more people than I could count came into my office in tears, wondering if there was a way to retrieve voice mail messages even though the phones (much like the people to whom they belonged) were […]

I’m sick in bed and reading reviews, and I see one question coming up again and again. Why did you do it? The death of Carlisle (Whit in my head) was always in my outline. Though it does give Edward a sense of urgency, that had been brewing beneath the surface for a while by […]