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Where’s My Player Sex?

It’s coming (ha!); I promise. I offered to write it long after the deadline for submissions for inclusion in the fandom4saa compilation passed. Meanwhile, my inability to bend my thumb has slowed down my typing considerably. Fear not. It will be finished shortly, and posted in the usual places.

There’s been a bit of speculation—will they or won’t they. If you read Counterpoint,  you know the answer:   I turned to the mantle and pretended to look at the family pictures on display there—anything to take the attention off the topic at hand. Everyone who formed my world was accounted for in small, silver […]

Cullen’s recent panty trick might have implied he was back to trying to weasel his way between my legs, but that didn’t mean he could give me what I wanted. On the other hand—specifically, my right one—my middle and index fingers were a sure thing. Then again, there were lots of very smart women who’d […]

“You’re even surlier than usual. What’s gotten your panties in a bunch?”

I rolled my eyes. “Nice choice of words.”

“What?” he asked, throwing his hands in the air.

“Speaking of bunched-up panties, was it necessary to fold my underwear into origami?”

“Absolutely. I majored in art history, remember? Presentation is important to me.” He turned back to his work. “Did you happen to notice anything else unusual in your laundry bag, or are you one of those glass-half-empty kind of girls?”

“I did. I’m guessing that the portrait is also an example of your handiwork?”

“Okay, let me get the sequence of events straight,” she said. “He told you was in love with you-” “He said he was in the process of falling in love with me.” Maggie rolled her eyes. “So he qualified it slightly. Big fucking deal. He still put it out there. You respond by—correct me if […]

“You look surprisingly ornery for the morning after a hot date.” I ignored Maggie and poured myself a cup of coffee, momentarily forgetting that there is no ignoring Maggie. “How was it? There’s something about Cullen that screams ‘big enough to be in porno,’ but then again, any guy would seem well-endowed after that needle […]

Cullen was leaning against the kitchen counter holding a bouquet of stargazer lilies. He straightened his posture before offering them to me. “A somewhat unorthodox choice, I know, but I thought of you when I saw them.” Stargazer lilies have been favorite flowers ever since I was little, largely because they were freckled like me. […]