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Medicated Paper? WTF?

Behold, Charmin’s great-great-great grandfather.

He crouches on the floor, lowering his eye to the hole in the door designed to accommodate old-fashioned perversions as well as old-fashioned keys.  What fleeting guilt he feels is eclipsed by his sense of entitlement,  though not because the object of his gaze is his betrothed. Who she is isn’t as relevant as who […]

She follows him into the foyer with her arms held stiffly at her sides. “I feel like I’m in a museum. I’m almost afraid to touch anything.” “I assure you, things back then were much more solidly made than they are now. Everything is meant to be touched, to be used. It’s foolish to assume […]

“If you don’t draw anymore, why do you keep art supplies in your car?” He laughs. “You think I planned this as a means to get you out of your clothing. May I remind you that you were in your current state of undress long before I brought up the subject of posing for me.” […]

When Bella comes to the door, she’s rubbing her eyes and squinting. For the briefest of moments, he feels bad for waking her, until he sees what she has on—or more specifically, that she doesn’t appear to be wearing anything under her enormous T-shirt.  Because he can plainly see the shadows of her areolas through […]

Edward isn’t sure what he finds more appalling—the fact that he’s about to steal far more than a kiss from a respectable young lady, or that his particular tastes dictate he do so in public so as to decrease the likelihood that he will eat her.  The heat between between her legs warms his fingers, […]

My husband is reading Darkrooms and Safe Light. This isn’t completely out of character for him. He’s read Art After 5 and half of Counterpoint, but he doesn’t typically read as I write, nor does he usually hound me for updates then offer to leave me alone so I can finish a chapter. I asked […]

Bella isn’t typically one to fret over fashion, but even she acknowledges her plans for this evening provide a unique challenge when it comes to attire. How is a girl supposed to dress to go out with an alleged womanizer who has already seen her in a get-up worthy of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch? If […]

There’s something about him that makes her clit twitch, even though he has yet to touch her. Normally, she’d never permit a man to take her picture—clothed or otherwise. Descriptions and detective drawings are subjective, but a photograph is indisputable evidence. But he smiles as he holds up his camera, and he’s gorgeous, so she […]