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About the End…

I went back and forth on if I should include a translation of the Latin at the end. I decided not to, because I didn’t want to write a long-winded end note, but also because it was already included in an earlier chapter: Though I’m still having difficulty believing he’s gone, I believe without question […]

Monday Musings

I’m naturally introspective. I think, usually too often and too much, analyzing everything. This is especially true of milestones and anniversaries, and the process of writing the end of Counterpoint has been no different. In many ways, Counterpoint is the greatest gift my involvement in fic has given me. It started as a simple writing […]

She jumped, as if my question startled her. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?” “Tonight hasn’t exactly gone as planned.” “You mean because of Kate?” I nodded. “I’ve already told you, Kate didn’t upset me.” “Your intonation implies that I have.” She folded her arms across her chest. “Why didn’t you tell me she would be […]

“No, I was teasing you. I know exactly the sex act to which you are referring.” I’d say I knew it in the biblical sense, but because I’d yet to actually perform said sex act, that statement wouldn’t be entirely accurate. In my real day-to-day life, my association with the act in question was more […]

“Please don’t make fun of me; I cherish every second I have with you.” She pressed her face into the palm of my hand and closed her eyes. “It wasn’t all that long ago when your touch topped the list of things I thought I’d never again experience.” I wondered what she was thinking—if non-sexual […]

“I want to penetrate you in every way possible, to finally make you belong to me in the way that I’ve always belonged to you.” Her breathing deepened, and she let out a quiet moan. I knew I needed to stop. I’d given her a lot of information to process, and for the first time […]

“My father always insisted on slicing the meat for holiday dinners; he taught me. He used to joke it was the only thing he knew how to do in the kitchen without my mother’s help.” She nodded, seemingly deep in thought. “I’m not sure I’ve told you yet how much what you’ve done today means […]

I want to apologize to readers who read Chapter 45 when it was first posted. I’m not sure what happened in Microsoft Word when I accepted the changes suggested by my beta, but almost none of them were reflected in the document. It erased them, but then didn’t actually make them. Anyway, I’ve gone back […]

“You know, last weekend you accused me of using sex as an avoidance tactic. Yet here I am, trying to have a serious conversation with you, and what are you doing?” She had a point. “I’m sorry, and I promise to keep my hands to myself.” “It’s not that I don’t want you to touch […]

Given the content of my dream, I was amazed I hadn’t dry humped her in my sleep. Shit, maybe I had. Panicked, I studied her face. She looked more confused than anything else; surely she’d be angry if I’d assaulted her. Still, she’d never seemed uncomfortable with my morning wood before. I tried to make […]