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I know, I know. I wanted to have the next three FtROD chapters posted by now. One or both of my children has been sick since Christmas Eve, and somewhere in there my husband lost his grandmother. I’m exhausted and emotionally spent, but I hope to catch up on sleep and be back on track […]

The next three chapters of Fall to Ruin One Day will post on December 24, December 25, and December 26, respectively——and yes, everything you’ve been wondering will be answered this week. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas. C.

…and we’re back!

And almost fully functional. I’m still working out the kinks in the whole subscription process (I know several of you have mentioned you’re not receiving alerts) but that should be the only area of the site not functioning. Though I haven’t been posting, I’ve been been writing quite a bit. The update schedule for Fall […]

The days grew shorter, the air was colder, and the trees became bare. One day a giant vacuum rumbled through the streets, loud and foreboding, unceremoniously sucking fallen leaves from their curbside mounds effectively erasing all evidence of summer. As I watched from my porch, I wondered where it took the leaves—if they’d end up […]

En Route to Comic-Con

This is my first trip on my own since I found out I was pregnant with my five-year-old son, so I suppose I’m due, even though I miss my children already. I was hoping to write on the plane, but that’s unlikely to happen as there’s a baby behind me. I’m so programed to hearing […]

It’s a warm, wet Monday in Philadelphia and I sit here pounding through some of my Fandom Gives Back pieces. I auctioned off 190,000 words for Alex’s Lemonade Stand; I have 177,000 left to write. I guess I should get on that. I’m frequently asked about my update schedule for Counterpoint and Some Little Girls. […]