Stephenie Meyer claims Twilight started as a dream. Her dreams must make a bit more sense than mine do. Mine would never make a decent novel, though they wouldn’t be bad prompts for crack fic. Case in point: Last night I dreamt Josh was President (laughable, considering he’s not old enough) and I became the only First Lady to ever go on Dancing with the Stars. In a hot pink feathered thing with fake blonde hair, I performed a rhumba to Joe Jackson’s “Breaking Us in Two”. Bruno tore it apart. Bizarre dream is bizarre.

This was almost as good as the one where I was stuck in a bad BDSM fic, and the dude jumped into the room wearing a tacky-ass kimono and I laughed at him—and kept laughing through my punishment.

Uh, yeah,

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  1. on 09 Mar 2011 at 8:47 amMelody aka sunshinemommy

    No more stranger than mine. I dreamed I had a cage full of baby birds and was attempting (not very successfully) to keep my cats from eating them. No dancing or presidents but there was punishment involved ;P


    Melody aka sunshinemommy reply:

    @Melody aka sunshinemommy, and apparently my grammar sucks. Definitely need caffeine.