“Esme didn’t start to feel at home here until she redecorated her living space. I don’t know. Maybe you’d feel better if you made your apartment more a reflection of who you are.”

“Possibly. Then again, I don’t anticipate being here that long. It’s fine for me, but there’s not enough space for a family.”

“Is that something you want?”

He looks down at the stovetop as he continues to stir. “It’s something that’s expected of me.” A moment later, he still hasn’t looked up. “What about you?”

“Honestly? My career has always come first to me, and I don’t see that changing.”

“I see.” The next stroke of his spoon is more forceful than the ones that came before, splashing vodka sauce onto his shirt and pants. He jumps away from the stove, yelling, “Shit!”

“Are you okay? You didn’t burn yourself, did you?”

“I’m fine.” He grabs a rag and wipes the sauce from his formerly pristine white dress shirt. “I’m fine!”

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  1. on 14 Aug 2012 at 7:07 pmyamaracullen`

    Awww I think Prince Edward is thinking in kids with Bella!!! :)