I don’t look up from my laptop, and I don’t bother hiding my annoyance. “And you know what? I’m way too swamped to care. Heidi, I thought I made it clear this morning. If The Queen herself were to show up and ask to see me, unless she has an appointment, I can’t work her in.”

“Right. But I’m not here to announce The Queen…” Heidi begins.

“Good. Because like I said—”

“Hello, Isabella.”

No. This can’t be happening to me. The male voice I just heard can’t possibly belong to whom I think it does. I take a deep breath and slowly raise my eyes from my computer screen. Sure enough, standing on the other side of my office is evil incarnate in a bespoke suit.

“…just her grandson,” she finishes. “I’ll be at my desk if you need anything.”

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  1. on 19 Jun 2012 at 6:22 pmcat5050

    Aaahh–so much fun!