Evenly measured and void of emotion,  her tone provided no insight into her thoughts or feelings. Somehow despite this, it didn’t come off like she was being cold. If anything, her demeanor made me want to do a massive emotional purge and tell her everything. But I couldn’t because I was pissed off,  hormonal, and exhausted—a meltdown waiting to happen. Though something told me if I did flip out Esme wouldn’t think less of me, that didn’t make me feel any better. If anything, I was livid she showed up uninvited. She knew how non-confrontational I was; frankly, she knew better. 

“I wasn’t aware Dr. Masen made house calls.”

Her eyes narrowed. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow–”

“I thought my mother-in-law stopped by out of concern for me. But you’re treating me as if I’m one of your patients, and I can’t help but wonder if Edward sent you here to…” I raised my hands and curved my index and middle fingers into quotations marks. “…’handle me.'”

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