“My mother is going to be tougher to work for than Penn ever was, and you know it.”

“Right. But she’d have to be in the office for that, and lately, she hasn’t been.”

“What are you talking about?”

It wasn’t until he looked at me with genuine confusion that I remembered he didn’t know his mother was dating, and that I promised Esme I wouldn’t tell him.

Fucking pregnancy brain.

I folded my hands across my stomach and closed my eyes.  As far as I knew, Esme and Liam were still hot, heavy, and very much in hiding. Though I respected her decision not to tell Edward their relationship just yet, I’d yet to lie in the interest of keeping her secret. Then again,  it wasn’t her fault pregnancy had rendered my internal filter as useless as it had my collection of size 34B bras, and I’d given her my word. Unfortunately, I also remembered saying something about forsaking all others in my wedding vows.

“Your mother’s been seeing someone.”

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  1. on 08 Nov 2010 at 8:39 pmAnne

    Thx, Colleen. I can’t wait to see Edward’s reaction!


  2. on 09 Nov 2010 at 1:56 ampatty

    oh pregnancy non-filter!!! so excited to read this again :D


  3. on 09 Nov 2010 at 11:15 pmRandy

    Love the teaser. I do have to say that I am somewhat surprised (and pleased) to read that Bella’s bra size prior to her pregnancy was a 34B. From reading AA5 and the way that Edward was so enamored with Bella’s breasts I had always pictured that they were larger. So many women I know these days have implants that I think of my 34B’s as being on the small side. They’re mine and so far disease free so I am grateful, but now you have given me a reason to feel that 34B is the perfect size. Since I am kind of in the middle of a small mid life crisis you have made my day a little bit better. Thanks!


    Colleen reply:

    Ah, thank you. From Chapter Five of Counterpoint:

    Though meaningless sex held no appeal to me, had I partaken of it maybe I wouldn’t be so terrified of the tiny woman before me.

    And Chapter Four:

    Breasts. Oh my god, her breasts. They were small and perfect, with soft pink nipples.

    I like to think I made them realistically proportionate to her frame. Sure, there are exceptions, but I think given the fact she’s on the thinner side, it would be more likely she wouldn’t have bigger breasts. And glad I could help. :)

    ETA: I think most men don’t care about size as long as we’re not shy about them.