From somewhere behind me, I hear Esme’s voice. “I’m calling right now.”

In my haste to get to Alice, I crash right into Sarah. The impact makes my teeth close around my tongue; I swallow the blood that’s pooling in my mouth.


Despite my inability to produce words beyond this,  she nods as is she knows what I’m trying to say.

I can’t lose Alice again.

“It’s okay, Izzy.” Her hand brushes against mine. “I’m sure she’s going to be fine.”

I think she’s wrong, but I don’t bother arguing with her.  I just get the hell out of her way.

“May I take a look?” she asks, kneeling beside Edward.

Raising his palm, he shakes his head. “You’ve done quite enough already.”

“An ambulance is on its way,” Esme says.

For a moment, no one says anything.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Carlisle pushes his hair back from his face, keeping both of his hands on his head. “She’s a nurse, Edward.” His voice is call-the-cops-on-your-neighbor loud.  “Your sister is unconscious, and my mom’s a nurse—she’s here and she wants to help. Who the hell cares what happened forty years ago?”

unbeta’d, subject to change, you know the drill. 

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