Unbeta’d, subject to change…

“Excuse me, Senator,”  the guard says. “They say they’re family.”

“They are;  it’s fine.” Edward nods at Carlisle before turning back to his phone call. “I don’t know how you could keep this from me…God-damn it, Jasper, her heart stopped! I don’t give a fuck what she said she wanted, if you loved her … Look, we don’t have time for this. What else can you tell me?”

He takes a pen from his pocket and looks at me, mouthing the word paper. When I shake my head, he starts writing on the wall.

“Who is her doctor in Washington? … Okay. …  I’ll call back if I need anything else.” He shoves his phone into his pocket, but continues scribbling notes on the wall.

The next thing I know, the pen is flying across the room and Edward’s sinking to the floor with his hands over his eyes.

I get down on my knees and wrap my arms around him. “What did Jasper say?”

Then I see his face, and it tells me everything I need to know.



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