There’s something about him that makes her clit twitch, even though he has yet to touch her. Normally, she’d never permit a man to take her picture—clothed or otherwise. Descriptions and detective drawings are subjective, but a photograph is indisputable evidence. But he smiles as he holds up his camera, and he’s gorgeous, so she changes her mind, telling herself she’ll take the camera with her when she leaves.

“Anything in particular you’d like to capture?” she asks, wiggling out of her tube dress. Naked except for a pair of high heels, she gets onto her knees and crawls to him, placing her purse at his side before kneeling at his feet. “How about my lips around your cock?”

He takes a step back; he doesn’t like it when his food tries to touch him.

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  1. on 28 Jun 2010 at 6:09 pmsassyk

    Okay, so obviously this is not Bella. :-)