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un-beta’d, subject to change, usual disclaimers apply. – “I guess you want to know why,” she says. I shake my head. “I just want you to know I’m here for you. You know you can beat this–” “Don’t you get it? I did everything I could—had the gene test, went on preventative drugs, had a […]

unbeta’d, subject to change. – Carlisle remains calm. “So it’s going to be like this?” he asks. William twitches his shoulder but says nothing. “I don’t know why I’m surprised,” Carlisle mutters. “I mean in 39 years, you never…” He shakes his head. “You never even came to see me. But now we’re in the […]

Unbeta’d, subject to change… – “Excuse me, Senator,”  the guard says. “They say they’re family.” “They are;  it’s fine.” Edward nods at Carlisle before turning back to his phone call. “I don’t know how you could keep this from me…God-damn it, Jasper, her heart stopped! I don’t give a fuck what she said she wanted, […]

From somewhere behind me, I hear Esme’s voice. “I’m calling right now.” In my haste to get to Alice, I crash right into Sarah. The impact makes my teeth close around my tongue; I swallow the blood that’s pooling in my mouth. “Please…” Despite my inability to produce words beyond this,  she nods as is […]

“Whoa,” Edward says, gesturing to her hair. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen your real hair color, I’d forgotten what it looked like.” She laughs. “Yeah, you and me both.” “Where’s Jasper?” he asks, hugging her. “I imagine he’s Texas with his family.” “Imagine?” “It’s not like I watched him get on the plane.” […]

I turn the corner and, though I don’t plan to eavesdrop, when I hear Edward talking to Esme, my feet stay rooted in place. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I offered to help with dinner because I wanted to get out of the living room. I’m willing to try, but I should warn you—I’m a complete […]

December 31, 1999  (five minutes before midnight) Carlisle stares into space, his expression somehow blank yet simultaneously intent. It’s exactly how Alice looks when she’s lost in thought. When he turns back to me, he catches me staring at him. “I’m sorry,” I say. “Something about your face just then made me think of my […]

“Look, I know you at least tried to move on after you left. I expected that—hell, I’d even hoped for it. I love you enough to want you to be happy, even if it means I have no place in your life. But if this…” He waves his index finger between us. “…is going to […]

December 25, 1999 The spring on the box’s lid makes it hard for me to pry it open. Impatient, he takes the box and opens it for me. I look at him, thinking he’ll tell me he loves me or drop to one knee. He doesn’t. Instead, he just sort of thrusts the box back […]

“Why are you even with me?”  I ask. His answer seems automatic—almost canned. “Because I love you.” “I want to believe you.” “But you don’t.” “No, I do. I just don’t think it means the same thing to you as it does to me.” “I don’t understand.” I open my eyes and meet his gaze in […]