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Un’beta’d, subject to change, and different from the one I’m sending in review replies. I know I’m behind in updating the story on my website. I’m hoping to get to it tonight.   As angry as I am with him, I don’t fight when he pulls me into his arms. For a while, he rocks me […]

Before I can protest, I’m alone with Prince Edward. He’s back to glaring at me, his face every bit as hard to read as it was before. I square my shoulders and meet his gaze. It’s our usual game, but this time—for me, anyway—it’s not about winning. I might have gone to business school instead […]

I stop when I hear Esme and Edward’s muffled voices. “You promised me if I didn’t…that you wouldn’t…” She pauses to blow her nose. “I just want you to be happy.” “That won’t happen as long as I’m stuck here, and you know I can’t go back,” he says. “All because of me.” “Look at […]

Putting me to bed in his apartment? I should be angry. I should kick and scream and insist he bring me back to my sister immediately. What I shouldn’t be is turned on. Except I am, and that pisses me off way more than His Royal Presumptuousness tossing me over his shoulder and carrying me […]

    His kiss—my god, his kiss!  It’s urgent and greedy, as if it’s something he needs, as opposed to something he’s doing.  I can’t remember the last time  kissing felt like this. I don’t think it ever has. It’s enough to make me forget where I am and whom I’m with. Then his hand […]

Unbeta’d, subject to change, usual disclaimers. This update will probably go up a little on the later side. “That’s not what I meant, but whatever.” She picks up her wine glass and empties its contents in a single gulp. “Next headline.” “‘Esme Starving Herself to Fit into Wedding Gown. Sources close to the Royal Family […]

un-beta’d, subject to change, etc. “I’m a bit confused, Sir. I thought you invited me to have dinner with you.” “I did.” I roll my eyes. “Were you speaking metaphorically?” “Excuse me?” “I read the non-disclosure agreement you wanted me to sign.” I take it out of my bag. “Loved the way your lawyer defined […]

“There’s one other thing.” He reaches into his bag and retrieves a thick manila envelope which he hands to me. “His Highness requests that you read the enclosed and sign where appropriate. Should you have any questions, my contact information is on the first page. No need to courier it back—just to be sure to […]

I don’t look up from my laptop, and I don’t bother hiding my annoyance. “And you know what? I’m way too swamped to care. Heidi, I thought I made it clear this morning. If The Queen herself were to show up and ask to see me, unless she has an appointment, I can’t work her […]

unbeta’d, subject to change… He steps out of the bathroom, but the second he sees me dressed to go the press conference, his freezes. Fuck me. He must hate how I look. “I’m sorry,” I say. “I wear separates to work. It seems people wear suits to these things, and this is the only suit […]