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Evenly measured and void of emotion,  her tone provided no insight into her thoughts or feelings. Somehow despite this, it didn’t come off like she was being cold. If anything, her demeanor made me want to do a massive emotional purge and tell her everything. But I couldn’t because I was pissed off,  hormonal, and […]

“My mother is going to be tougher to work for than Penn ever was, and you know it.” “Right. But she’d have to be in the office for that, and lately, she hasn’t been.” “What are you talking about?” It wasn’t until he looked at me with genuine confusion that I remembered he didn’t know […]

The great thing about Esme is that she always follows through. Four hours later, she kissed my cheek and slid into the booth across from me. Her smile was particularly bright, and her eyes were brimming with excitement. “You already know, don’t you?” She nodded and let out a quiet squeal. “I’m so happy. I […]

The day I had my IUD yanked, I was positive of this. What I didn’t understand was how a positive pregnancy could make me not-so positive. Knowing that on some level Esme would understand my fears, I wanted more than anything to talk to her about them. Except it wasn’t possible, because Edward wouldn’t let […]