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When I was a recent college graduate, I took a job with a major cell phone carrier. After 9/11, more people than I could count came into my office in tears, wondering if there was a way to retrieve voice mail messages even though the phones (much like the people to whom they belonged) were […]

It’s a warm, wet Monday in Philadelphia and I sit here pounding through some of my Fandom Gives Back pieces. I auctioned off 190,000 words for Alex’s Lemonade Stand; I have 177,000 left to write. I guess I should get on that. I’m frequently asked about my update schedule for Counterpoint and Some Little Girls. […]

There are people who set out to change the world, who have lofty aspirations, whose reaches exceed their grasps. Then there those who resolve themselves not to change. They wake up each morning unashamed about who they are and in remaining true to themselves, do change the world.