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The answer is yes. Barely.   It’s been a very rough year, but I’ve learned a bit from it. No matter what else I’m dealing with (there’s been so much both personally and professionally) I need to write. And it’s high time I got back to it.   The Heir and the Spare¬†will update before […]

I know, I know. I wanted to have the next three FtROD chapters posted by now. One or both of my children has been sick since Christmas Eve, and somewhere in there my husband lost his grandmother. I’m exhausted and emotionally spent, but I hope to catch up on sleep and be back on track […]

Broken hand is broken.

It started when I finished Some Little Girls, and Josh ran out for champagne. I was tipsy, and a song I did in a dance recital as a kid came on my iPod. “I remember the steps. Not only that, I can still do them!” So I did. “See, honey? Twenty years later, I’m none […]

Well…uh…yeah. It’s mostly done. I was sick for two weeks, and now my son seems to have caught it as well. For most people, this wouldn’t be a huge deal but for him, it is. He has an auto-immune deficiency in which his blood lacks the antibodies that fight respiratory and gastro infections. Because of […]

It’s dusk, and it’s been overcast all day. The sun never actually came out, so to say that it’s setting feels deceitful. But to the west, the sky has cleared a bit, and the tall buildings are safe in the embrace of pink clouds and periwinkle sky. The east is dark, except for a handful […]

has anyone seen my muse?

Seriously. I’m not sure what my problem is right now. I mean, I have ADD so I’m used to having problems focusing, but they’ve never lasted this long. I’ve spent about three hours today rewriting the same paragraph, and I’m getting nowhere quickly. And I’m starting to become disappointed in myself because projects I’d thought […]

En Route to Comic-Con

This is my first trip on my own since I found out I was pregnant with my five-year-old son, so I suppose I’m due, even though I miss my children already. I was hoping to write on the plane, but that’s unlikely to happen as there’s a baby behind me. I’m so programed to hearing […]

Why Nothing
Has Updated

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I joke about Attention Deficit Disorder a lot. In reality, there’s nothing funny about ADD, and I have a fairly severe case of it. Once I was diagnosed and medicated, things got much easier for me and I was able to focus (and finish things) in […]

Monday Musings

I’m naturally introspective. I think, usually too often and too much, analyzing everything. This is especially true of milestones and anniversaries, and the process of writing the end of Counterpoint has been no different. In many ways, Counterpoint is the greatest gift my involvement in fic has given me. It started as a simple writing […]

This year, the fug orange and black jacket gets a rest. Instead I’ll be donning an equally fug skirt and and hoodie. I never thought I’d say these words, but I’d rather wear the beer jacket. What does this have to do with anything, you ask? Despite the fact I’m planning to give finishing the […]