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Where’s My Player Sex?

It’s coming (ha!); I promise. I offered to write it long after the deadline for submissions for inclusion in the fandom4saa compilation passed. Meanwhile, my inability to bend my thumb has slowed down my typing considerably. Fear not. It will be finished shortly, and posted in the usual places.

Emergency Beta Service interviewed me this week. You can read (if you feel like it) here.

thank you

Fall to Ruin One Day and Darkrooms and Safe Light were nominated for Rare Gem Awards. Thank you so much for thinking of me. If you’d like to vote for your favorite stories, you may do so here.

Why Nothing
Has Updated

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I joke about Attention Deficit Disorder a lot. In reality, there’s nothing funny about ADD, and I have a fairly severe case of it. Once I was diagnosed and medicated, things got much easier for me and I was able to focus (and finish things) in […]

Monday Musings

I’m naturally introspective. I think, usually too often and too much, analyzing everything. This is especially true of milestones and anniversaries, and the process of writing the end of Counterpoint has been no different. In many ways, Counterpoint is the greatest gift my involvement in fic has given me. It started as a simple writing […]

As part of education week and in honor of Father’s Day, the lovely Mrs. White of PIC’s FanFic Corner interviewed me as part of a feature on Counterpoint. You can read the interview here.

Nashville Flood Relief

To raise money for relief efforts in Nashville, I’m contributing a piece to Fics for Nashville. For a $5 donation to the approved charity of your choice, you’ll receive access to exclusive stories written by many fine authors. For more information (and how to donate) click the apple logo below. What will I be writing? […]

This year, the fug orange and black jacket gets a rest. Instead I’ll be donning an equally fug skirt and and hoodie. I never thought I’d say these words, but I’d rather wear the beer jacket. What does this have to do with anything, you ask? Despite the fact I’m planning to give finishing the […]

I Came on Twigasm.

Because my goal in life was to be on a podcast (and I would never be asked based on my own merit)  I bid on a Twigasm guest spot during November’s Fandom Gives Back auction.  My Twigasm segment is now available for download here. Despite the fact I was sick as fuck, I had a […]

Site is back up.

There are some features I will still have to install, but we’re up and running. Now that this is out of the way (mostly) hopefully my muse will return and I will be able to write again. Thank you for your patience.