Mother Protecting Her Child

Edward appeared in my driveway at exactly three o’clock, wearing a faded black polo shirt and cargo pants. His hair was even more disheveled than usual. I leaned out of my front door to greet him.

“Drive here with the top down?”

Smiling, he took all three steps in one leap and swept me into his arms. His chest flattened my breasts as he pressed me against the door frame, and we became a tangle of tongue and lips.

Five minutes later, we came up for air.

“Is that your standard greeting?” I asked.

“Do you want it to be?” he asked, slightly out of breath.

I was too nervous to play around. “Edward, do I have to?”

“You never have to do anything with me, but it did seem like you kind of enjoyed it.”

“No, I mean dinner. You really expect me to meet your parents?”

“You’re acting as if I’m sending you to your own execution.”

“Aren’t you?”

“It’s not going to be bad. You’ve already met my father, and my mother wants to meet you.”

“Yeah, probably just so she can accurately design the effigy she’s planning to burn of the harlot who is going to deflower her baby boy.”

His ensuing blush was adorable. “Presumptuous much?”

“Just confident.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. What makes you so sure I haven’t already been deflowered?”

This was getting interesting.

“Have you been?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, but I am curious.”

As he whispered his answer, his face was so red I thought he’d spontaneously combust.


“Is that ‘no’ meaning you haven’t been deflowered or ‘no’ you aren’t a virgin?”

He looked away from me, cringing. “I hate that word.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin.”

“Easy for you to say. You aren’t the oldest living virgin on the East Coast.”

“I don’t think that’s true. Sure, there are kids at school who’ve been doing it since ninth grade, but you only know that because they want you to know that. Just as many people your age are still waiting for their first kisses; they just don’t advertise it. And if it makes you feel any better, I lost my virginity when I was nineteen.”

“Why did you wait?”

The idea of discussing my past exploits with him made me wince.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“It’s okay; I don’t mind telling you this. I wanted my first time to be with someone I loved.”

“And was it?” His voice was gentle.

“I thought so at the time.”

“Do you regret it?”

“I don’t believe in regret.”

Understanding the significance of my philosophical rather than practical response, he pulled me into his arms.

“I still have a hard time believing this is real,” he admitted.

“Oh, you’ll have no problem believing this is real when you’re outside in the dead of night helping your mother dispose of my body.”

He sighed. “Will you give them a chance? Please?”

It was just as he predicted—I couldn’t say no to him.

Ten minutes later, we arrived in front of a large, chocolate-brown Victorian home with a wrought iron fence and a wrap-around porch. Set behind it was a carriage house easily the size of both my twin and the one attached to it.

“Don’t be nervous,” Edward said, opening my car door. He took me by the hand and led me to the porch.

When I saw the Doctors Cullen had come out to meet us, I knew there was no going back.

“Mom, Dad.” Edward smiled at them before turning to me. “This is Bella, my girlfriend.”

Had I missed something?

His mother took my hand in hers and giving kissed on the cheek, at which point it occurred to me that psycho killers often use the guise physical affection to invade their victims’ personal space. I looked behind her to see if she was hiding any sharp objects.

“Hello, Bella. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

The resemblance between Edward and his mother was striking. Red-haired and green-eyed, she was tall, slender, and ridiculously beautiful. She also didn’t look a day over thirty-five. Either she had Edward in high school, or she’d had an insane amount of work done

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Dr. Cullen,” I said before turning to his father. “Hi, Carlisle.”

“Good to see you again, Bella. Come on inside.” Smiling warmly, Carlisle gestured toward the house.

Edward’s mother put her arm through mine and led me inside. “I have some wine chilling. Edward said you like chardonnay.”

“Thank you, Dr. Cullen. That’s very thoughtful of you.”

“Please,” she said. “Call me Esme. Besides, it’s Dr. Masen.”

I silently cursed Edward for not telling me his mother kept her maiden name.

Edward and Carlisle followed us into the house. The foyer’s marble checkerboard floor surrounded a staircase that could only be described as grand. Esme led me into a surprisingly modern great room. One end held a state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops; the other contained a living area with leather couches and a fireplace.  An enormous kitchen island served as a divider between the two sections.

After gesturing for me to sit at the island,  Esme poured me a glass of wine. “Edward, why don’t you help your father bring some more wine up from the cellar?”

I tried not to panic. Edward wouldn’t leave me alone with his mother this soon.

“Sure, Mom.”  He kissed my cheek then followed his father.


“Edward mentioned you met at the Art Museum. Are you studying art history?”

“No, though I did take some art history classes in college as electives.”

I relaxed. If we stuck with art, this conversation wouldn’t be so bad.

“What’s your major?”


“I majored in English.”

“That’s wise. There’s so much you can do with an English degree. What are your plans when you graduate?”

This was not good.

“I teach ninth grade.”

“I’m sorry, did you mean you plan to teach ninth grade?”

Knowing I couldn’t pull this off, I looked at the door, hoping Edward would reappear; he didn’t.

“No, I do teach ninth grade.”

“How old are you?”  She  looked terrified of my answer.


I watched the bump move down her neck as she swallowed.

“Edward said you were a few years older. I  assumed you were in college.”

“I decanted the Bordeaux,” Carlisle said upon his and Edward’s return.

“Edward, why don’t you show Bella the dining room? We’ll join you shortly.” She gave Carlisle a look that could kill.

Edward led me down the hall to the dining room. I addressed him as soon as we were safely out of earshot.

“Your mother thought I was still in college.”

“I’m not sure where she got that idea.”

“Um, maybe because you didn’t tell her otherwise? Edward, how could you do this to me? And I don’t even want to think of what your poor mother is going through right now.”

I couldn’t elaborate; we were no longer alone.

Dinner was polite to the point  it was painful. The conversation never lulled, but nothing of relevance was discussed. I was never so thankful for a meal to come to an end. After dessert, Edward’s parents walked us out to the porch.

“Thank you for inviting me. Edward has spoken so highly of you both. It was nice to meet the people responsible for raising such a wonderful young man.”

Esme nodded without emotion and went back inside, leaving us alone on the porch with Carlisle.

“She’ll come around,” he said more to Edward than to me.

“I thought you’d told her,” Edward whispered to his father.

“Edward, now is not the time.” For the first time all evening, Carlisle sounded parental. “Will we be seeing you later tonight?”

“I’m not sure,” Edward replied, looking over at me.

“Just let us know if you plan to stay out all night so your mother doesn’t worry needlessly. Bella, it was nice seeing you again.”

I smiled and Carlisle went back inside the house.

Neither of us spoke again until Edward was walking me up to my door.

“You’re hoping to spend the night.”

It was more of a question than a statement.


“Okay. You should call your father. Just let yourself in when you’re done.”

I went straight to the kitchen and poured myself some wine. I was on my way upstairs when Edward came in the house, holding a duffel bag. The prior stress of the evening was forgotten.

“Presumptuous much?” I teased.

He laughed as we went upstairs and got ready for bed. Edward went into the bathroom first while I stood indecisively in my bedroom. Sleepwear presented an interesting challenge for me as I typically slept nude. Not wanting a repeat of last night, I picked a tank top and a pair of boy shorts out of my dresser. Edward emerged from the bathroom wearing a pair of blue pajama pants. I wondered if I’d ever get used to the beauty of his bare chest. I was changing out of my clothes in the bathroom when I noticed an extra toothbrush on the sink. He was in this thing with me, with or without his mother’s approval. He wanted me to know that.

I hurried back to the bedroom where he was lying in bed waiting for me.

“Bella, today was incredibly stressful.  May I see your boobies?”

I giggled and took off my tank top.

“All better.” He pulled me into bed with him.

I snuggled up to him, my breasts rubbing against his chest. When I kissed his mouth, it wasn’t at all urgent or rushed. There was no reason to hurry; we had all the time in the world.

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  1. on 24 Aug 2010 at 3:21 amchansen

    Horribly incredibly embarrassing–Esme learning that Bella teaches. So Mrs. Robinson. Though this doesn’t fit cougar, most people wouldn’t question it if their ages were reversed.


  2. on 29 Aug 2010 at 1:20 amizziey

    i’m having some difficulty with this happening so quickly. it probably has something to do with the fact that i’m a teacher and have a son. but, in all honesty, i have not met any teens like edward.


  3. on 29 Sep 2010 at 3:19 pmlisa89

    “May I see your boobies?” HAH, I love him. Poor Edward’s mother.


  4. on 11 Nov 2010 at 6:28 amkng1986

    It’s nice that Edward has stress relief via Bella’s boobies but I wonder what poor Esme is doing.


  5. on 25 Nov 2010 at 1:04 pmBooksgalore/Bookishqua

    Loved the line about her looking behind Esme for sharp objects. Excellent foreshadowing. I suspect.


  6. on 08 Dec 2010 at 5:46 pmNKubie

    I love their rapport. Poor Bella. I can’t believe she was left with Esme that way. Eeeek!!!


  7. on 28 Dec 2010 at 7:39 pmFancastride

    Edward stresses for a reason now. Nice he let them know she is his girlfriend. Esme did not seem happy.


  8. on 29 Dec 2010 at 3:54 amFancastride

    Well Alice has a lot to say on the matter. I don’t know how Esme is going to deal with them.


  9. on 03 Jan 2011 at 9:54 pmSea4Me

    Sheesh-I’m stressed now, too! What a dinner!